Model DL-1 Info

The Modle DL-1 is a four channel data recorder. Each channel records voltage at a programmed interval and stores the data with a time and date stamp. Each channel is programmed and controlled independantly. Each channel also has a independant ground.

The DL-1 hardware is programmed by TRAC4, a Windows OS software program. The software configures the channels to be used, the interval of sampling, timed operation or trigger operation, labeling and more.

Channel Specifications

  • Channel 1: -5.0 volts to 5.0 volts DC range, AC filtered out, 1 mV resolution
  • Channel 2: -5.0 volts to 5.0 volts DC range, AC filtered out, 1 mV resolution
  • Channel 3: 0.5 volts to 150 volts AC RMS range, DC filtered out,
  • Channel 4: -100.0 volts to 100.0 V AC and DC, no filtering (TrueView)

Other Technical Information

  • Impedance: 200 Meg Ohm +, all channels
  • Input Power: 8.4 V DC, 1 rechargeable Li battery
  • Communication: USB to host computer
  • Memory: up to 1,000,000 samples in non volatiles memory (flash)
  • Sampling Rate: 1,000/second (1 kHz) to 1/99 minutes, user configurable


My DL-1 received a battery upgrade and now I cannot connect to TRAC4
During the repair and upgrade process, your DL-1 unit was given a firmware upgrade. This requires the latest version of TRAC4. Click here to download and install

Will TRAC4 work on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10?
Yes, but as with Windows 7, the user must have certain Administrative rights for full functionality.

After installation, TRAC4 doesn't recognize the DL-1 is connected. I rebooted and still not recognized. What now?
The USB drivers may not be installed on your system. This sometimes happens with Windows XP. The USB drivers can be downloaded from the Software Download page.

Does the new software work with the older DL-1?
No, the new TRAC4 software works only with the latest version of the DL-1 hardware.

How do I tell if I have the new DL-1 or the older DL-1?
The easiest way to determine if you have the newest (2011) version of the DL-1 or an older version is to determine the shape of the DL-1 case. The older versions have one flat side and then a rounded side. the latest versions (2011) have four flat sides. there is a picture of both on the Software Download page.

Does the TRAC4 software run on Windows 7 and Vista?
Yes. However, the TRAC4 program requires some Administrative rights on Windows 7.

For more information regarding the DL-1, visit the DL-1 Info page.